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TotO theatre
is an amateur theatre group established in 1999 in Prague, the Czech Republic. In 2000 we performed the play 'Historky z Odesy' (Odessa Tales) based on a story by Isaak Babel and taken from the series 'Odessa Tales' and 'The History of My Pigeon Loft'. We staged this play several times at the P-Klub Trojicka in Prague, which became home to our theatre group at that time. During the 2001/2002 season we performed the play "Murphy" based on the novel of the same name by Samuel Beckett at the Poemfest in Desna during Days of Poetry and at the festival 'Mezi ploty' ('Between Fences') in Prague, the Czech Republic. In the 2003 we produced the play 'Vij' based on the novel of the same name by Nikolay Gogol, and performed it in the theatre competition Studl in Mnisek pod Brdy, the Czech Republic, in 2004. In the same year we staged the play "Utrpeni knizete Sternenhocha" (The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch) based on the novel by Ladislav Klima. In 2005/2006 season we performed an updated version of the play "Vij". In 2007 we took part in a nationwide theatre festival in Trebic.
In the autumn of 2007 we released a new play 'Knelleruv letni tabor' ('Kneller's Happy Campers') which is based on a homonymous story by Etgar Keret.

And now, we proudly present our new play 'Srdcervac' based on the last novel of Boris Vian, L'Arrache-cœur (The Heart-extractor).

Kneller's Happy Campers - Etgar Keret
The hero, Hayim, after his suicide goes to the place where all suicides end up. He starts a job in a pizzeria Kamikaze and makes friends. This posthumous world according to Ari, Hayim’s post-mortem best friend, is “just like before you offed, only a little bit worse.”
Hayim keeps on dreaming about Erga, the girl he left behind. After receiving information about Erga's suicide he decides to find her in his new world. Together with Ari they set off for the road trip where they pick up a mysterious beauty named LeeHee who insists that she is there by mistake and needs to find “the people in charge”. They later meet Kneller and his people living in the woods and making minor miracles. Hanging with Kneller eventually leads them to Erga and her new beau who just might be Messiah or lunatic who promises to show his followers the way to a better world. When an attempt to realise 'meaningful miracle' fails, the plot climaxes. Hayim loses both girls - Erga and LeeHee, but he stays slightly optimistic and waits and hopes to see her again - to see LeeHee.

Older plays
VIJ – N. V. Gogol: Anyone of us can find himself in the middle of a dark night with a witch on his back. But no one can be certain this witch is not his dark conscious, his deepest fears. In the end, no one can really be certain that he is not the witch. This is only one of the themes explored in the play Vij based on the novel of the same name by N. V.Gogol and performed by the amateur theater group ToTO.
The story is set in the Ukrainian countryside at the turn of the 19th century. Along with Choma Brut, a seminary student from Kiev, we become acquainted with life during this era - whether it be in a manor, pub or church. Our hero Choma, a student of theology, has to spend the night with two friends in a witch's manor. She tries to kill him but he overpowers her. As punishment for her murder he is forced to pray three masses over her corpse.

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